Service Instruction FAQ

  • Paysable has set frequently asked questions (FAQs) to give faster answers to customers' questions.
  • If you cannot find answers from FAQ, please contact customer service center. We're ready to help you.
  • For customers who have delays in transactions due to self-verification problems, please refer to contents on self verification for service usage first.
To verify your account, please upload your photo ID at the "SUPPORT > Upload Proof Document" menu or at the link below:

Please note that the photo ID should not have passed the expiry date, and should show your name, date of birth, and photo in a recognizable resolution. Please note, also, that if you want to use someone else's PayPal account for payment, you need to upload the photo ID of the PayPal account holder as well.
Though all of the transactions made in Paysable are indicated by USD, the checkout are made based on the actual currency you use if you use Paypal.
For instance, if the bank account or credit card registered on Paypal use CAD as its currency, CAD applicable to USD will be paid.
Reception of the e-mail can be restricted due to the policy of e-mail service provider. Especially, e-mail reception may not work via ‘Nate’ mail. Please use other e-mail services or let the customer center know about the problem.
Occasionally, Paypal checkout won’t work due to Paypal internal policy.
1. Lack of deposits of the credit card or debit card.
2. When an accident payment is reported.
3. When the transaction deals with more amount of money than Paypal limit.
4. When a hazardous activity is detected according to PayPal internal policy
In these cases, please contact Paypal customer center and inquire for details of the reason.
Problem can be fixed if you submit data that Paypal requires.
Paypal is an online payment method that is the most commonly used in overseas.
We recommend you to sign up for Paypal for your stable use of the service.
You can use Paypal after the sign up. For more detailed information about methods of sign up and use of service, please refer to the service instruction page.
You can make a payment only with credit card or debit card at the procedure of Paypal after selecting Paypal Payment if you are not signed up for Paypal.
First, move on to Paypal page by clicking on ‘Paypal Payment’, and then you can enter your credit card or debit card information to make payment by selecting ‘Pay with my Credit or Debit Card’.
When paying by this method, if you select ‘Sign up for PayPal for faster future checkout’ option, sign-up for Paypal will be proceeded simultaneously. You can use E-mail and password registered on Paypal for further transaction.
Yes, we can refund your Paysable balance to your PayPal account. If you want your balance to be refunded, please leave a message at our customer service center.

- Your balance will be refunded to the PayPal account you used for the payment.
- Regarding the exchange rate, the higher exchange rate (i.e. the less amount in USD) of the following two will be used; a) the Paysable exchange rate of the day of payment, b) the Paysable exchange rate of the day you requested the refund.
- The refund may take up to five business days.
- After the refund is made, PayPal usually withholds the amount for two weeks.
Your payments for all paysable transactions are received by our USA partner bank, and then it is converted to KRW and we receive the amount in KRW from our partner bank. Accordingly, your payments are converted as per the exchange rate provided by our partner bank. You can see the exchange rate on the main page of our website.
The only payment method we offer for direct payments is PayPal payment. However, if you deposit funds to your Paysable balance in advance, you can pay with your balance. You can top up your Paysable balance with the following methods.

1. PayPal SendMoney (Click to go to SendMoney menu)
If you already have enough PayPal balance, you can reduce the PayPal service fee by using SendMoney. SendMoney works by transferring your PayPal balance directly to our PayPal account by the "Friends and Family" option at PayPal, which allows you to send funds with much less service fee than the service fee for PayPal payments.

2. Western Union (Click to go to Western Union menu)
Western Union is a worldwide remittance service. When you use Western Union transfer, we can collect the fund directly in cash from the local Western Union, so we can offer an exchange rate close to the basic selling rate (instead of the exchange rate provided by our partner bank, which is notified on our main page and is applied to all payment methods other than Western Union) for currency conversion. Accordingly, if the currency exchange rate is of concern, we recommend using Western Union. Please note, however, that the Western Union transfer fee depends on the region, and for some places, it may offset the advantage in the exchange rate, so please ask your local Western Union in advance for the transfer fee.

3. Direct transfer to our USA bank account
Although we are not allowed under the Korean banking law to use our Korean bank account for the purpose of receiving payments, it is okay to pay by directly sending the fund to the bank account of our USA branch via Wise, Zelle, etc. Especially, if you have a bank account in the USA, using Zelle is generally the payment method of choice with the lowest fee. If you want to use Wise or Zelle, please contact our customer service center, and we will provide you detailed instructions.

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