Service Instruction FAQ

  • Paysable has set frequently asked questions (FAQs) to give faster answers to customers' questions.
  • If you cannot find answers from FAQ, please contact customer service center. We're ready to help you.
  • For customers who have delays in transactions due to self-verification problems, please refer to contents on self verification for service usage first.

In principle, online coupons cannot be refunded because they are provided through electronic delivery.

However, if it is impossible to use since there is an issue with the online coupon, we can refund it after checking whether you used it.

Purchase forwarding provides these services:

1. Giftcard purchase: This service allows you to purchase Korean online gift cards cheaper.

2. Manual purchase: If ordering is difficult or websites do not support auto purchase, we complete your order manually.

3. Auto purchase: If you can order by yourself, submit the order information at auto purchase to complete your order automatically.

A virtual account is an account established for wire transfer in some shopping malls / online game webs. In the following cases, a virtual account may not be successfully working or be verified :
1. If the amount you put is wrong
2. If remitter's name is wrong
3. If the payment deadline has passed
4. If there is a system error in using a virtual account (from the web)
5. If it is bank inspection time

If there is a problem in using a virtual account for reasons other than the above, it can mostly be solved by establishing a new virtual account from another bank.

In the case of an Auto Purchase Service, the person who made the payment is responsible for the result of the payment agency transaction excluding the seller's identity verification and system error, so please be careful not to cause any unpleasant things.

When trading between individuals, you must check the following!

1. Physical direct transaction is not possible, so make sure to use a safe payment system.

2. Be sure to check the seller's identity and contact information, and if they are suspicious of the behavior or refuse to pay safely, make sure to request a copy of the bankbook for the seller to receive the deposit.

3. Be sure to check the seller's information on TheCheat at

4. When using the safe payment system, make sure to check the site's regulations and note that most of the time, when the seller requests payment to his or her account in the safe payment system, it is a fraudulent transaction.

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