Service Instruction FAQ

  • Paysable has set frequently asked questions (FAQs) to give faster answers to customers' questions.
  • If you cannot find answers from FAQ, please contact customer service center. We're ready to help you.
  • For customers who have delays in transactions due to self-verification problems, please refer to contents on self verification for service usage first.

If the tracking information says that your package has been delivered but your package does not appear on your delivery list, please go to the following URL and search for the local tracking number:

The search result will be one of the following:

1. "Not Found"

This means that the package hasn't arrived at our warehouse. In this case, the sender may have sent your package to the wrong address, or the seller provided the wrong tracking number. Please re-confirm with the seller regarding the address and tracking number. Then, please contact our customer service center and provide us with the local tracking number of the package.

2. "Arrived"

This means the package has safely arrived at our warehouse and is currently waiting to be processed as Import, so it is normal for your package not to appear on your list yet. Please kindly wait for a few more days. The process is usually completed within a few business days. However, when we experience a large volume of orders at once, it may take up to five business days. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

3. "Imported"

In this case, the package should appear on your list. If it does not, the package is probably sorted as "Unidentified Recipient", so please contact our customer service center and provide us with the local tracking number of the package.

When the ordered item arrives at our warehouse, you can check it on your delivery list.

If you apply for delivery after selecting the items you want to ship, we merge them to provide a reasonable delivery fee.

When the packaging is completed, the status of your delivery order will be changed to "Waiting for the payment," and you can pay for the delivery fee on the detailed page.

When the payment for the shipping fee is completed, the product will be shipped to your address.

We offer a year of free storage for your imported packages.

Please use the information below when ordering at the shopping mall.

Paysable Address: 14488 2F, Ga-dong, 238, Bucheon-ro. Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Able Union Inc., #Personal Code

Contact number: 070-4099-4260

If you do not put your personal code, your package will be sorted as an 'Unidentified Package.'

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