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  Support Team 2023-01-02

Notification of Restricted/Prohibited items

Dear customers,

We are informing you regarding the prohibited&Restricted items since there have been a lot of inquiries about forwarding them.

If your packages include the following items, your packages might be returned or restricted according to the shipping company and local customs regulations. The most accurate and reliable method is for the customer to directly check with the local customs whether the items can be shipped safely. (the list of prohibited&restricted items varies by country.)

**Prohibitied&Restricted items
- Battery
Regarding battery-embedded items, they may have limited in choosing delivery methods, or additional proof of the product (such as battery shape and capacity) might be needed. However, portable chargers (power banks)cannot be shipped overseas through any delivery methods.
- Medication&Supplements
- Food
*any items that contained meat(including fish) even if it is processed foods can not be shipped overseas due to customs regulations
- Perfume/Diffuser
- Tobacco
- Pressurized cans
- Flammable items(candle, match, etc.)
- Cosmetics(especially liquid type that contains alcohol or ethanol)
- Any items that include liquids(ex. snowball, etc.)
- Currency& jewelry(gold, silver, etc.)

Please note that we are not responsible for any issues caused by restricted/prohibited items.

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