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  Support Team 2023-05-22

(Update) [Notification on our new storage policy]

On behalf of the Paysable team, we would like to thank our customers for constant support and use of our services.

Until now, we've kept all the packages free for 3 years from the warehousing date.
However, due to the burden of warehouse loading and the recent rapid increase in logistics, we decided to adjust our storage policy to provide faster and more efficient services.

Please check the below information about the new storage policy:
[1] Imported package
- Storage Period: 1 year from the date of warehousing.
*Your package will be discarded when the storage period expires.
Regardless of the warehousing date, the packages imported before June 7, 2023, will be discarded on June 8, 2024, if you don't make a delivery request within a year.
However, the packages that were imported to our warehouse from 2017 to 2019 will be discarded on June 7, 2023.

[2] Merged package (packages you requested the delivery service.)
- Payment terms: 3 months
*Your merged package will be discarded if you do not pay the delivery fee within 3 months of the date the delivery fees are updated. *For delivery requests made before June 7, 2023, it will be regarded that you made a delivery request on June 7. Therefore, it will be discarded if you do not pay the delivery fee within 3 months from June 7.

※ The new storage period policy will be effective on June 7th.

We ask for your understanding as this is a measure to provide a better service.

Thank you.

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