Privacy Policy

  • We are taking care of your registered information.
  • Paysable respects Communication protection law, telecommunication business act, information promotion and personal information protection law. We set our personal information protection policy based on all relevant law and are trying our best to protect user’s rights and interests.
Personal information protection policy
A. Company records following information for sign-up, customer counseling and various service provisions.
- Essential information : Name, Email, Password, Security Question and Answer, Address, City, Country, Postal code, Contact number
B. In order to confirm the user and to use as transaction evidence, company records following information.
- For user confirmation : Photocopy or Image of Identity Card ( Identity cards approved by Korea or other countries, which include photographs).
- For transaction evidence : Photocopy or Image of transaction history issued by the credit / debit card or any other payment method company
C. Following information may be recorded automatically while using service.
-IP address, Cookie, Date of visit, Records of service usage, Records of illegal usage, History of payment forwarding requests
D. Following transaction informations can be collected during the procedure of deposit charge.
- Payment by Paypal : Paypal ID, transaction information provided by Paypal.
- When confirming Paypayl ID : E-mail address, profile, address, contact info.
E. Following request informations can be collected during the procedure of payment forwarding service.
- Name of the bank, bank account, reason of the request of payment forwarding service.
F. Following request informations can be collected during the manual purchase forwarding.
- Membership information registered on the store you request for a purchase.

The purpose of collection and use of personal information.
A. Execution of a contract about providing services.
B. Identification for the use of membership services according to restrictive identification act, personal identification, confirmation of the transaction in person, prevention of fraudulent act and unauthorized use by 	faulty member, confirmation on the sign-up, sign-up itself and the restriction on the number of sign-up, prevention of collecting a personal information of children under 14years old, record preservation for troubleshooting, handling civil affairs such as complaints, delivery of notice.
C. Devlopment and marketing of new services and its use in advertising, development of new services and provision of customized services, provision of service and advertising according to statistic aspects, confirmation of validity of the service, provision of informations on events and advertisements and the chance to participate. examining access frequency, statistics of member’s use of service.

Period of possession and use of personal information.
The company uses users’ personal information only for the purpose informed at ‘The purpose of collection and use of personal information.’and do not use it out of those purposes without user’s preceeding agreement. In principle, personal information of user is not open. Followings are the exceptions.
A. When the company collects user’s personal information, the period of possession is until you close your account(including withdrawal, withdrawal of authority). Yet, related to the management of personal information(browsing, editing, deleting, etc.), when the user requests direct elimination or edition of personal information(including withdrawal, withdrawal of authority) according to the steps the company suggested, the information will be completely deleted unrecoverably form the disk so that it cannot be read nor used afterwards.
B. user’s personal information is in principle, to be eliminated after the purpose of collecting personal information or purpose of provision is accomplished. Yet, according to commercial law and electronic commercial act, etc, user’s personal information could be preserved as below, In this case, the purpose is only for preservation.
- Records of contract or retraction : 5 years
- Records of payment and supply of goods, etc. : 5 years
- Records of consumer’s complaint and settlement of disputes : 3years

If the user requests for a reading information on transactions in possess, the company immediately takes an action to do so.