Customer Support FAQ

  • Paysable has set frequently asked questions (FAQs) to give faster answers to customers' questions.
  • If you cannot find answers from FAQ, please contact customer service center. We're ready to help you.
  • For customers who have delays in transactions due to self-verification problems, please refer to contents on self verification for service usage first.
If you are sharing your Paypal account with another Paysable account, it may take a longer time to be completed due to security reasons.

To prevent any account theft, our system will review the Paypal accounts which have been used with another Paysable account.

Please contact our customer support team to unlink the Paypal account to solve the delaying issues.
Due to the verification issue, you may not able to create an account of your seller's website.

In that case, please use the Manual Purchase Service instead of the Auto Purchase Service.

Our purchase team will use their own account of the seller's website to complete your order.
If your seller requests the information due to mobile verification purposes, you should have your own Korean mobile number.

If your seller requests the information due to ordering information, please use 070-4099-4260 instead of the mobile number or you can input any number for mobile number.
'Waiting for Payment' means our system is waiting for Paypal's notification message of your payment.

If you failed to complete Paypal payment due to any reason, please ignore the transaction then make a new order.

Due to Korean eCommerce regulations, currently, "waiting for payment" status transactions will be remained as user transaction activity history, and it will not impact your new transactions.
You can request for refund of an auto purchase transaction via Customer Support Menu.

To get refund, please following below instruction.

1) Leave a request for the refund bank account number to our Customer Support Team.

2) Once you get our refund bank account number, please provide the information to your seller.

3) If your seller credit a refund bank transfer to the refund bank account, please provide the below information to our Customer Support Team to claim your refunded funds.

1) Refund Sender's Name
2) Refund Amount
3) Date and time of the refund transaction

4) The auto purchase transaction id of the refund.

Once our account manager confirmed your refund transaction, the refunded balance will be added to your Paysable account.

Please note that your request for a refund claim will be responded to when we successfully collect the funds from our partner's bank.

# Important
Please note that any refund transaction without corresponding auto purchase transactions will be rejected by our Partner bank due to the Korean Bank law and regulations.
Manual purchase forwarding is for customers who have difficulties in ordering or can not use payment forwarding.
Customers also can use this service if they have to remit a large sum of money at once (above limit).
Mostly, users use this service for paying online music website, battlenet coins, homeplus, and e-mart.
Besides, Paysable provides service for customers who have difficulties in ordering at shopping malls as well.
Ways of using giftcards you bought is different based on the suppliers.
For some giftcards, you can use it without signing up. Yet, most giftcard suppliers require sign up process. So before purchasing, please check for sign up and availability status.
(You may need to go under identification process due to policy that has been changed recently)
According to the principle, giftcards can not be refunded because we send them via online mails. However, if there is a problem in using due to errors in giftcard itself, we will refund it back after checking if it has been used or not.
Users can pay for goods via Paypal or Paysable deposits charged in advance.
Please note that additional discount will not be applied if users pay using charged deposits.
Paysable sends email to all 'online delivery' users (registered as Paysable ID). Sometimes, emails sent are classified as SPAM so please check for junk files too. If emails are not even there, please contact customer center.