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Yes, you can send it via the DHL without the MSDS.

Please note that you can send only two battery contained products per box so if you purchase multiple battery contained products, they will be sent in several boxes.
EMS, EMS Premium, Air Parcel

Please refer below link.


Currently, DHL shipping fee is not fixed and changing frequently due to COVID-19 Incident.

Therefore Please provide the volume weight of your package or just provide the weight of your package via the Customer Support menu.

To Calculate the Volume Weight,

Volume Weight = Length x Width x Height / 5000 (Cm)

Then our delivery team will query the delivery fee then provide the information to you.

We are looking forward that the fee is fixed shortly, then our team will officially publish the information on our website.
If your seller provides the "Local Tracking Number" of your package, fill the "Import TRN" field with the number (number only).

If your package for the tracking number is already imported at our warehouse, corresponding package information will be listed up.
The default package listing period is "Last One week" so if your package arrival date is older than a week, please adjust the search date then click the "Search" button.
To use Paysable Delivery Service,

1) Create a new account of the Paysable.

2) Go to Delivery Service Menu and Check your Private address.

3) Use the address when you place an order to your Korean seller/

4) Once your package has arrived at our warehouse, the package will be added to your delivery service list.

5) Click one of the transactions from the list to check the details about the package.

6) Click "Request for delivery fee" button

7) Update your package information then leave a memo for the delivery method.
(DHL will be used as default if it is not mentioned.)
(if you have multiple items to merge, please provide the list as well.)

8) Our delivery team will begin the repackaging process for overseas delivery then update the package information with delivery fee information.

9) Make a payment for delivery fee then you will receive your package in 3 ~ 30 days depends on your delivery method.

# Important
1. If you have multiple items to merge, provide the list of the package transaction IDs. (optional)

2. If your package transaction status is not updated as "Estimating Shipping Fee" Status, the transaction will not be including for overseas delivery.
There could be a bunch of ways to submit the address depends on your seller's website however, most of the cases are as follows.

If your seller's website uses "New Address Format"

1) Click "Search Postcode" or "Road Name"
2) Search "Mokdong-dongro 293(목동동로 293)
3) Check the address is "Mokdong-dongro 293, Hyundai 41Tower(목동동로 293, 현대41타워)
4) Check the Postcode is "07997"
5) Fill the remaining address as "3201 #NNNNNN-A"(3201호 #NNNNNN-A)
*#NNNNNN-A is 6 digits + 1 Character which we issued to you as your private address"

If your seller uses "Old Address Format"
1) Click "Search Postcode" then input "목1동"
2) Search "158-723" then select the code
3) Fill the remaining address as "Hyundai 41Tower 3201, #NNNNNN-A"

The address result should look like as following.

New Address Format

Postcode: 07997
Seoul, Yangchung-gu, Mokdong-dongro 293, Hyundai 41Tower 3201, #NNNNNN-A
(서울시 양천구 목동동로 293, 현대 41타워 3201호, #NNNNNN-A)

Old Address Format

Postcode: 158-723
Seoul, Yangchun-gu, Mok 1dong, Hyundai 41Tower 3201, #NNNNNN-A
(서울시 양천구 목1동 현대41타워 3201호, #NNNNNN-A)
Paysable Delivery Service fee is as following.

Package Importing Fee: 1,500 KRW per arrival package

Package Merging Fee: Free

Package Keeping Fee: Free for 1 Box (52 x 48 x 40), 1,000 KRW per day for extra one box
(Extra box fee will be waived if you agree for "Package Maximizing")

Repackaging Material Fee (= Repackaging Box): From 2,500 KRW, Only charged if it is necessary.

Delivery Method Fee: EMS, DHL, Air Parcel Sea Transport Fee, Depends on selection.

Therefore, the total Delivery fee will be as following

Total Delivery Fee = (Arrival Packages x 1,500 KRW) + (Repacakging Fee) + (Delvery Method Fee)
If you have multiple items in your Paysable private address, you can request for package merging by selecting the package merging request checkbox.

Package merging is free, however, repackaging material fees(such as a merged box) may be charged if it is necessary.

Once our delivery team completes the package merging, the merged package will be added to your delivery list with fee information.

Please beware that if you didn't select the checkbox, your multiple items will be packed for overseas delivery individually.
If you seller didn't use your private address correctly, the packages will be sorted as "Unidentified Recipient" packages and the packages will not appear on your delivery list.

If any of the packages you ordered which do not arrive in time, please contact our customer service with following information immediately.

1) Local Delivery Tracking number
2) Sender(Seller's name)
3) Recipient(Your name)
We do not charge for package keeping, however we may charge extra fee if your total package volume is larger than EMS (40X48X52, cm).