Customer Support FAQ

  • Paysable has set frequently asked questions (FAQs) to give faster answers to customers' questions.
  • If you cannot find answers from FAQ, please contact customer service center. We're ready to help you.
  • For customers who have delays in transactions due to self-verification problems, please refer to contents on self verification for service usage first.
We do not charge for package keeping, however we may charge extra fee if your total package volume is larger than EMS (40X48X52, cm).
If goods have been stocked, we set delivery fee based on the size and weight of the goods.
Once delivery forwarding status changes to ‘Payment stand-by’, please pay delivery fee.
When delivery fee has been paid, Paysable will send the stocked goods to your address.
If customers request shopping malls to deliver goods to Paysable, Paysable will receive the goods and send it back to customers.
Paysable delivery service uses the largest domestic logistics center – so, it is cheaper and safer than foreign delivery services.