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  Support Team 2019-02-08 17:34:59

[IMPORTANT] Delivery Address will be changed from February/11th/2019

Dear Customer,

Due to Paysable office relocation, the Delivery Address will be changed from 11th of February (2018).

New Delivery Address:

서울시 양천구 목동동로 293 현대 41타워 3201호 #Your Private Code
Seoul, Yangchun-gu, Mokdong-dongro 293, Hyundai 41Tower, 3201 #Your Private Code
Zipcode: 07997

* Your Private Code is, 6 Digits and 1 Alphabet including Pound Sign.
* You can find 'Your Private Code' at Delivery Service menu.

For additional information, please refer below Notices.

Notice. 1: Delivery Address will be changed from February/11/2019
Paysable Delivery Address will be changed from 2019. Feb. 11. Please use new Paysable private address. If any packages will be arrived at old address after 11th of February, please let us know.

Notice. 2: Product import will be fully automated.
Every imported packages at your private address, will be imported automatically. Delivery entry function will not be available from 11th of Feb. So don't forget to use your private delivery address when you order from your seller.

Notice. 3: Updates imported package information.
Every imported packages must be updated with detail product information. So updates your package information. Insufficient package information, may cause delayed delivery process.

If you have any questions or request, please feel free to contact us via the Customer Support Menu.

Thank you for your cooperations.