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  • So so


    2024-04-11 03:08:37

    I've been using paysable for a few years now and I've always had a good time! I find the new version of the site very practical. The fact that you can put notes on the packages received and also the info on the weight is a perfect thing! If it were only for that I would give it 5 out of 5!

    The only flaw is the payment. The partnership with PayPal forces us to spend much more. I hope they will allow us to pay directly by card and in won. Because the exchange rate of PayPal is really very high and adds additional fees.
  • Need improvement


    2024-03-28 13:36:17

    paysable is my go to for paying korean sellers, but the service fees are absolutely ridiculous! having to paying $200+ in fees when shipping is 1/4 of that price is not right. the service fees definitely need to improve because as much as the one year storage is nice, it's not worth it for the crazy fees you end up paying.
  • Very satisfying! :D


    2024-03-26 18:58:02

    The quality of service is much better than other providers.
    I always rely on them, and the CS people are really nice!
  • So so


    2024-03-19 17:07:32

    물품은 언제나 꼼꼼하게 잘 포장해서 보내주십니다.
    DHL로 덴마크까지 배송하는데, 3일만에 받아볼수 있어서 빠르구요.
    다만, 웨어하우스 물품 입고부터 발송까지 프로세스 시간이 너무 오래 걸립니다. 문의/메세지를 하나 주고받고 처리하는데 하루가 걸리네요. 즉, 문의 세 번이면 그거 답변받고 처리하는데 각각 하루씩 3일이 걸립니다.
    실제 이번에 받은 제 물품의 경우 배송후엔 3일만에 도착했는데, 입고에서 배송까지 일주일이 넘게 걸렸습니다. (상황 모니터링 하는데 속 터져 죽는줄 날았습니다...;;;)
    가능하다면 조금만 더 신속하게 처리되면 좋겠습니다.
    그럼 다음 배송대행때 뵙겠습니다. :)

  • So so


    2024-03-16 03:14:28

    Paysable is a huge help for every shoppers outside South Korea. However, the partnership with PayPal is a huge problem :( First, the exchange rate is high. That means on top of the service charge, you’ll have to pay more because of the high conversion rate. And another on top of that, you’ll also have to pay for PayPal fees. So now, you’ll have to pay for 15%-20% more. I hope you can let us pay directly via credit/debit cards in the future and in KRW.
  • Very satisfying! :D


    2024-03-13 13:41:02

    I joined Paysable recently and made delivery order just ago.
    It was embarrassing to see the delivery fee discount event right after I asked for the delivery.
    But the discount event was applied to all deliveries not only registered during the event, but also to all packages not sent yet. How nice!

    Many proxys offer manual purchase, but it was very new to use direct payment here.
    First time using the service took some time for me to understand what to do, but it became much faster from my second order.
    It was pretty easy to make order and it was also good to order & forget until it is delivered to warehouse, just like what I do in my country.

    I liked the packaging too, especially the free bubble wraps!
    My things were wrapped firmly with enough bubble wraps for free high protection. I'm very satisfied
  • Unsatisfying


    2024-03-06 04:34:53

    First of all, the new layout is just really unintuitive and hard to navigate. I feel like things have been hidden intentionally from view and made inaccessible on purpose. Also Customer Service is really bad. I have been waiting for a correction of my shipping quote because my EMS quotes have been missing. I only got two options to ship and I feel like I didn't even got to chose which ones to select while consolitdating.
    Aditionally, I have been waiting for 11 days for a simple reply to my query. This is just adding a lot of frustration to a previous solid warehouse experience. I hope you can be faster in the future.
  • Very satisfying! :D


    2024-01-19 15:06:34

    I'm new to Paysable. I was struggling to pay the Korean seller since I don't have a Korean bank account, and the Direct Payment service was very helpful!!
    The payment was completed within 3 min, so I could buy BTS albums successfully. Thank you for your amazing service!! I've not used a delivery service yet. However, I think that it is worth trying to use a delivery service. Thank you:)
  • Need improvement


    2024-01-07 04:38:40

    I've been using Paysable since 2022 and while I haven't used it that much, there are many things that I enjoyed about the service. I think for all it's worth, the customer service is really good at getting responses back as soon as possible; they answer my really dumb questions (all of which could have been found if I had done some more clicking around) with politeness. I like how the Inquiry service looks like a chat text between the consumer and an agent -- I think it's pretty cool. The Warehouse service is really nice, and I quite like how we are now provided pictures of the packages as it arrives to the warehouse.

    The only thing I have a gripe with is the UI of the new website. It's really confusing where everything is and all of the information that I used/am used to seeing is now gone. The exchange rate that would be directly on the Direct/Manual pages? Gone. The Paypal fees before confirming payment? It's been changed to KRW so now I have no idea what the fee actually costs (Is this not very concerning for people...?).

    The current time in Korea when you scroll to the bottom? Also gone. You have to log in to find out, in which case you can't even make a purchase because Paysable is closed for the day -- all that clicking could have been reduced to a single scroll to the bottom of the page. Speaking of scrolling, the website is huge. There's just so much... space. Sure, the graphics are nice, but that's a lot of space taking up a single screen. It now takes me 5 mouse wheel scrolls to get to the bottom of the home screen, where on the old one, it probably took me 2.

    In spite of all of that, the service is still good. It's the best proxy I've seen so far, and I trust Paysable. The year-long storage is the biggest factor for me, and even if the fees/shipping can get expensive real fast, Paysable is reliable enough that I can see that it's worth the money. Granted, I've only ever shipped one box to myself, but the first impression is good that I am hopeful. That being said, I don't know if I'll continue using Paysable, there's a lot more changes that I've seen that shouldn't have been removed, and the overall experience of this new website is a little jarring that it's putting me off. The future has yet to tell.
  • Very satisfying! :D


    2024-01-05 03:26:56

    I have been using paysable for 3 years now and I love the service. The customer service always respond quickly and help out as best as possible. I love the new website layout as well! I believe it is very easy to navigate, if not easier to use than previous. The added benefits of writing in my own memos and the package pictures when packages are imported is super helpful. My items have always been packaged so well and very quickly - the paysable team obviously works very hard! I highly recommend everyone to paysable and their fantastic service!